The Legend of the Dragon's Tears

Every day a beautiful maiden walked on the sand. Unknown to her, she was watched by an admirer. A coral-coloured scaly dragon lived at the top of the mountain and longed for the beautiful maiden, his heart full of love for her.

Every evening he came down from the mountain and lay on the sand in the shadow of her footprints and wept. He knew she would never see him, but he wanted to offer her a gift as a sign of his undying love. As he wept, his tears fell upon the sand and turned into pearls.

The next day the maiden walked again upon the sand and found the beautiful dragon tears and gathered them up. On the top of his mountain, the dragon smiled a sad smile and that evening came once again to weep on the sand.

The maiden made a necklace of the dragon tears, which reflected her beauty and as her body warmed the pearls, they shone with the love from which they had been formed.